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Spend Controls

Control your budget and protect your bottom line with granular spend controls that give you deeper insight into your business spend.

Spend control capabilities include:

  • Turning a card on or off anytime with just a click
  • Setting up flexible spending amounts that make sense for your business
  • Limiting spending to workdays only
  • Restricting merchant categories to prevent unauthorized use
  • Turning on international use only when needed for security

Alerts & Notifications

Be the first to know when unauthorized spending has occurred with the help of alerts and notifications. Alerts include policy compliance reminders which allow business owners to easily communicate company spending policies, policy violation reminders that keep employees informed about the transactions they’re allowed to make, and more.

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Policy Settings

Effective spend management starts with policy parameters that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. With our spend management platform, you can set a range of spending parameters to help prevent fraud and protect your bottom line.

Spend Management Tips & Insights

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